Group Members


Dr Louis Allott (Group Leader)
Lecturer in Radiochemistry & Molecular Imaging - Hull York Medical School
Head of Radiochemistry - Hull Molecular Imaging Centres



Louis completed his master’s degree in chemistry (MChem) at the University of Hull in 2011 and continued studying for a PhD in PET Radiochemistry (2011 – 2014). He started post-doctoral research in the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research (2014 – 2017) under the supervision of Dr Graham Smith; followed by a position with Prof Eric Aboagye in the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London as a Post-doctoral Research Associate and Chemistry Team Leader (2017 – 2020). In January 2021, Louis returned to the University of Hull as Lecturer in Translational Radiopharmaceutics where he joined the team to set up the new Molecular Imaging Research Centre and establish  a new research group. His group develops small-molecule and biomolecule PET radiochemistry, advanced automated radiosynthesis protocols and novel radiopharmaceuticals for clinical translation

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Joe Ercolano

PhD Student (2nd Year). Joe is working on novel radiochemistry and radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging immune targets.

Nicole Lawrance

PhD Student (1st Year). Nicole is working on automated radiometal chemistry to improve the translational pathway of immunoPET conjugates for clinical use in the UK.

Cameron Newbould

PhD Student (1st Year). Cameron is working on a novel theranostic platform which aims to expedite the synthesis of next-generation radiopharmaceuticals.

Past Members

Dr Zixuan Yang 

Zixuan (Noble) worked on a collaborative project between the Allott and Aboagye group developing new targeted therapeutics for cancer. She was based at Imperial College London. (Co-supervision with Prof Eric Aboagye, Imperial College London)
Viva passed: Jun 2024