Group Members


Dr Louis Allott (Group Leader)
Lecturer in Radiochemistry & Molecular Imaging - Hull York Medical School
Head of Radiochemistry - Hull Molecular Imaging Centres



Louis completed his master’s degree in chemistry (MChem) at the University of Hull in 2011 and continued studying for a PhD in PET Radiochemistry (2011 – 2014). He started post-doctoral research in the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research (2014 – 2017) under the supervision of Dr Graham Smith; followed by a position with Prof Eric Aboagye in the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London as a Post-doctoral Research Associate and Chemistry Team Leader (2017 – 2020). In January 2021, Louis returned to the University of Hull as Lecturer in Translational Radiopharmaceutics where he joined the team to set up the new Molecular Imaging Research Centre and establish  a new research group. His group develops small-molecule and biomolecule PET radiochemistry, advanced automated radiosynthesis protocols and novel radiopharmaceuticals for clinical translation

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Joe Ercolano

PhD Student (2nd Year). Joe is working on novel radiochemistry and radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging immune targets.

Zixuan Yang 

Zixuan (Noble) is working on a collaborative project between the Allott and Aboagye group where she develops new targeted therapeutics for cancer. She is based at Imperial College London. (Co-supervision with Prof Eric Aboagye, Imperial College London)

Cameron Newbould

PhD Student (1st Year). Cameron is working on a novel theranostic platform which aims to expedite the synthesis of next-generation radiopharmaceuticals.

Nicole Lawrance

PhD Student (1st Year). Nicole is working on automated radiometal chemistry to improve the translational pathway of immunoPET conjugates for clinical use in the UK.